Hoax emails

Unfortunately, there are many hoax messages being transmitted by email. Often, these take the form of a story about a dying child who has requested that as many people as possible pass on the message to other people. Usually, the message states that the number of emails so transmitted will be counted. This is a complete hoax as there is no way technically that such messages could be counted.

Another form of hoax email is the one which claims that a new and deadly computer virus has been discovered. Often it includes the line that AOL.COM states that there is no protection for this new virus. The message asks you to send it on to everyone else you know.

Please do not transmit such emails to other people - especially me. They are a form of chain letter (despite the usual assertion that the message is not a chain letter). Copying to others merely clogs up the internet and the servers used to send and hold messages.

To find out more, go to: http://www.hoaxkill.com/

The advice on these messages is to ignore and delete them, unless received from someone you know has the relevant expertise (eg the internet service department in your own organisation) - even then, check it out by separate email (or phone call, etc) with the person.